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About Living Way Preschool

At Living Way Preschool, we want to make sure that each child is receiving the best early childhood education, not only to prepare them for school, but for life. We provide a curriculum that not only includes all developmental areas but is research and evidence based.

Living Way Preschool utilizes the 'Zoo-Phonics' based curriculum. Designed to meet all different types of learning styles, 'Zoo - phonics' involves a fun, dynamic and fully interactive approach to meet the your child's learning needs while preparing them for reading by Kindergarten.
More About 'Zoo-Phonics'

Our school is much more than just a curriculum. Also, included in our school year, are field trips, community service, and cooking classes.
Experiences that reach beyond the classroom help students to transfer their learning to the real world.
We have 3+ field trips per year, the pumpkin patch, the Sandy Library, and Dairy Farm.

The preschool also has a relationship with Avamere Retirement community. We visit with them 3-5 times per year, we interact with the residents and enjoy books, songs and games together. Every Friday we have a special cooking class. Each student gets to participate in the preparation of their own snack for the day.
We have made all kinds of fun snacks, including Fruit pizza, Veggie People, Ants on a log, smoothies, jell-o parfaits, and so much more.

Our Staff

We conduct trainings with staff before, and throughout the school year to help maintain a high quality program

Dawnette Pyne

Preschool Director / Head Teacher

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Western Oregon State University in 1992 and since have had 20+ years of teaching experience (6 Years of Kindergarten and this is my fifth year of preschool).

I have attended many conferences and classes including
Nellie Edge’s Musical Approach to Teaching
PSU’s Math Learning Center for Early Learning
Kindergarten Academy’s Literature Based Curriculum

While teaching Kindergarten, I have also worked as the Talented and Gifted coordinator in my school, as well as being a part of the curriculum committee and Parent Teacher Association.

Melissa Law

Teacher's Assistant

My name is Melissa Law, I am a wife and mother of 3 lively kids. I learned about Living Way Preschool several years ago when my oldest son was old enough for preschool. The Preschool is just a block from my house. My son enjoyed the preschool and I loved it too. Since then I have sent my 2 daughters to Living Way Preschool as well. The preschool program is great and when the opportunity to work as the preschool assistant came up, I was excited to join the team.

Melissa also cares for 2 little guys a few days as week, and she has referred that family to Living Way Preschool as well.


We offer different classes for different aged kids. Have a look at our options below.

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3 Year old

3 days / week

Mon, Wed, Fri

08:45am - 11:45am


$170 / Month

+ $65 Registration fe

4 Year old

4 days / week

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

08:45am - 11:45am

12:30pm - 03:30pm

$220 / Month

+ $65 Registration fee


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